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The First Ever & Only Cleared Device By The FDA For The Treatment Of Cold Sores.

Genital Herpes

Effective Symptom Relief -Long-Term Support

Cold Sores

The First Ever & Only Cleared Device By The FDA For Cold Sores

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Reviewed in Canada

Verified Purchase

The first time I used this, my cold sore was on day 4 it didn’t really help much because the sore was full blown. I used this sooner on the next one and it worked ! It skipped the blister. If you use this by day 2 it will stop your cold sore.

Reviewed in Australia

Verified Purchase

From Sydney, Australia
I was pretty skeptical at first but was desperate to stop cold stores coming back regularly. I bought this (it was $200 AUD at the time, not $400) and it has given amazing results. Anytime I ever feel a tingling in my lips, I bust this thing out and zap it before it even emerges. I haven't had a SINGLE cold sore in well over a year with this thing.

Reviewed in the United States
Verified Purchase

Strap in, kiddies.
Short story - I've suffered from cold sores since I was a kid, so for nearly 30 years. I bought this product in an act of desperation during the worst outbreak of my life last year. I've always approached cold sores through "prevention" rather than "treatment" because once they're there...they're just kind of they're for the next painful two weeks.

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